City Making
Trouble Making
Who's making the city?

Who’s making the city?

In a time when the discipline of city planning is increasingly beleaguered, who are the players and what are the processes that really “make a city”? This is the question that Raumplan addresses to the authors of the six works that constitute the exhibition. The answers articulate different interpretations elaborating on six themes involving the urban dimension. The contributions on show examine the consequences and impact of the huge flows of capital, data, goods and tourists on the city and people’s lives. Apparently independent phenomena that run parallel—home sharing, platform capitalism, mass tourism, the internet of things, advanced logistics and gig economy—seem to converge in a cohesive economic model which in turn shapes the urban and domestic spheres. The conflict between flows and places, between virtual and real worlds, between planning and proliferation, is redefining the cities by changing environments, power balances and the way people interact within the city itself.

Milan Design Week 2018
17—22 April
BASE Milano